Monday, July 2, 2007

Who Knew Chinese Could Be Gluten Free?

PF Changs

The very first meal I ate out the first week or two after going gluten free was at this restaurant.I was so depressed, so down and so frustrated at the prospect of having to be restricted, yet my parents so lovingly and with much affection drove an hour to eat at a restaurant when they could have eaten at one 5 minutes away. I remember how good the staff was, and how delicious the fried calamari was(breaded in potato starch) it was awesome.(Sadly, they no longerCheck Spelling will make this dish gluten free since it takes too much to clean the vessels required to ensure TOTAL gluten free status and no cross contamination).The menu is a bit limited, however they do have some very good dishes, my favorite being(and most people's) the chicken lettuce wraps. They provide you with a dish of lettuce leaves and some chicken stir fry.You add that and some rice as well as some special gluten free soy sauce(and if you choose hot mustard and chili sauce), wrap it up and eat it.My description hardly does justice to the taste, but it is surprisingly very good.There are a few dishes you can choose from the very extensive regular menu.The atmosphere is very nice and its a nice place to go when you want someplace a little different and someplace nice, or just some Chinese Food which is hard to come by Gluten Free. They do have a gluten free flourless chocolate dome that is very decadent as well.The staff is USUALLY very knowledgeable about the menu and careful about your selections, although sometimes there are a few mix ups but usually more than not denying you something rather than slipping you a glutenous item.It is always best to question any food in front of you if it is gluten free, to be certain.


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