Monday, July 2, 2007

Seafood Sophistication

Bone Fish Grill

Many of the best restaurants I've found, have been found out of necessity.I found Austin Grill when I was researching a trip into the Maryland area and was desperate for a restaurant that would not only be safe for me but also enjoyable for the person I was travelling with, without much compromise--it was delicious. The same goes with this restaurant. I was looking for a NICE restaurant that I could go to and celebrate an event at, and eat safely, while enjoying a really nice meal. This restaurant far exceeded those expectations. For those who survive on and trust the safety of the Outback Steakhouse Chain, this restaurant is part of the parent group and provide the same safe environment as the steakhouse brethren and consult with the same GIG(Gluten Intolerance Group) as Outback.The similarities end there, however. Unlike the slightly casual decor of Outback, the ambiance of Bonefish is extremely nice, rich dark wood, a nice bar area and table cloths on the tables. The atmosphere feels like a really nice upscale restaurant and not what one might expect from a chain restaurant. The menu, is devoid of appetizers like the Bloomin Onion but replaced with appetizers such as huge bowls of delicious mussels in a cream/butter sauce and best of all gluten free. Most of the menu includes grilled fish with various gluten free sauces(a few aren't so check the menu).They do have a few pasta dishes and other kinds of food.Some are suitable and some aren't, but there are so many GF choices you won't miss those options you can't have, and your glutenous guests will enjoy the options if they aren't seafood fans. The food is delicious and on a subsequent trip one person at my table exclaimed the glutenous pasta was the best she ever had. Overall this is a very nice restaurant for those times you want to dress up and enjoy a nice more formal dinner out, without a huge price tag(comparable to Outback)


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