Monday, July 2, 2007

The Tried and True Outback Chain...


**NOTE: A new development, some select Outback Locations are Now testing Gluten Free bread, ask the manager of your location you want it, and notify him/her other chains are doing it, and email Outback requesting it.This will no doubt let them know its universally wanted!!

I doubt there is anyone living a gluten free lifestyle that doesn't know Outback has a gluten free menu--despite their lack of advertisement of it.However, for those who are new to gluten free dining, it definitely is worth mention.Outback should be credited as the first chain(to my knowledge)to take Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance and gluten free dining seriously.I do believe that it is because of them that so many others are taking notice, I applaud them sincerely for it.I don't know it as fact, but I have heard that it was due to Celiac Disease being diagnosed very high in the corporate structure(I've heard that a high level employee was, but also that the wife of the CEO was so I'm not sure which is true, if either) that brought the importance of this menu to light. In any event, I know many people, myself included, would be lost without this chain's gluten free menu. I must be honest, not being a steak lover, I ate here pre-gluten free and found little I liked.Post gluten free, I can't say enough about the food, the service and especially their gluten free menu.The menu is located in every restaurant and although you need to ask for it, it looks just like every other menu in the restaurant only it details how to order your selection.Most of the menu is gluten free, although I will say they are lacking a really indulgent appetizer.The ribs are my favorite and delicious, the chicken for some odd reason is also strangely good.I've had their Tilapia and it was very good as well.Basically, almost everything here is very good.The staff is very knowledgeable most times, and often go out of their way to ensure safety--even telling me a few times they needed to check to be sure something I ordered off the menu was gluten free cause they thought it may have changed, I rather them be over careful than under.Whatever you order, I recommend you leave room for their decadent, Chocolate Thunder from Down Under.A flourless chocolate brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce, truly delicious and sure to be loved by gluten and gluten free alike.


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